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Interview with Shamanic Teacher and Author Sandra Ingerman

Really enjoyed talking with world-renowned author and shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman about her 2 new books...and the challenging nature of life on planet earth.

Connie's Healing Journey

In this episode, Connie Andonian shares highlights from her 10-year healing journey where she confronts her life-long struggle with low self-esteem. Connie describes how she pulled herself out of a "dark night of the soul" experience to become grounded and self-assured.

Swimming in the Deep End with Nina

Fascinating conversation with Wake Up to Dying Project founder, Nina Thompson. An honest, practical, and sometimes surreal discussion about how exploring death can actually help us live life more fully.

The Same Pretty Cupcake, Just A Little Extra Frosting

Please enjoy my highly entertaining and inspiring conversation with the Wig Goddess, Clare McAfee.

People Are More Important Than Sleep

In this episode I speak with US Diplomat Rachel Cooke about her life in the foreign service and explore her experience working in Middle Eastern war zones.

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