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Being Resilient = Being Resourceful

Mayda Poc is the embodiment of Resilience. She seems to have lived many lives in the span of one lifetime...and she’s still young. Mayda brings to her career coaching practice a wealth of wisdom that has been informed by living her early life in Syria under the constraints of a dictatorship, hanging with the boys on Wall Street as an executive in investment banking and finance, and surviving the 2008 financial crisis. But it wasn’t until she received the news that she had advanced stage cancer that Mayda turned her life and career around in order to pursue her passion for being of service to others, particularly overachievers like herself.

Live Life On Purpose: Exploring Hand Analysis with Kim Fuller, PT

If the eyes are the window to the soul then your hands are the handbook. My guest Kim Fuller is a physical therapist who ended up studying hand print analysis after suffering a work-related injury. She now interprets the rich language of your hands for people who are interested in learning more about their life purpose, life lessons, communication style, gifts and challenges.

The Missing Link: The Impact of Childhood Trauma on Health

My guest Kimberly Pierce is a medical provider whose life was changed, both personally and professionally, after attending a conference on the damaging effects of childhood trauma and how these experiences predict health issues later in life. She talks about how incorporating a simple screening tool known as ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience), into her practice has dramatically impacted the lives of her patients and inspired her to create the documentary film “The Faces of ACE’s.”

The Shaman's Guide To Power Animals with Lori Morrison

Connecting with the spirit of an animal is ancient medicine and is one of the universal practices of shamanic cultures. To help those of us interested in rekindling this ancient connection and “enter the soul of the animal kingdom,” my guest Lori Morrison wrote the book The Shaman’s Guide to Power Animals - an accessible guide to help us manage life’s challenges.

"I Didn't Need to Lose My Boob"

In this powerful episode, my guest Rae Carter shares the intimate details of her healing journey after being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 41. She candidly talks about the challenges and the triumphs she faced on the road to becoming cancer free. Through it all, Rae discovered the importance of looking at each person facing a health crisis, like cancer, as a unique individual rather than with a “one size fits all” approach.

The Reluctant Yogi

My guest Teri O’Connor never would have guessed that she would leave her job as a dental hygienist to become a personal trainer and yoga teacher. In this episode, Teri shares her unexpected journey to becoming a yoga teacher and starting her highly successful travelling yoga studio, NJ Beach Yoga. Teri makes yoga accessible and fun and loves to introduce the practice to reluctant yogis, just like she once was.

Shamanism: The Primordial Spirituality with Hank Wesselman, PhD

I’ve always enjoyed listening to my guest Hank Wesselman talk story, and this episode doesn’t disappoint! As a celebrated author and teacher for over 20 years, Hank has a way of bringing the esoteric nature of shamanism down to earth. In this episode, he shares what he’s learned and observed about the transformative nature of shamanism, the impact religion has had on ancient cultures, what the future might bring, and discusses the evolution of his own dreaming (hint: could there be a book 4 in the Spiritwalker series?)

Life Got Interesting! (The Shamanism Episode)

What happens when a mental health clinician fresh out of grad school starts having spontaneous visionary experiences? We’re switching things up in this episode. My friend Marie Frohlich (featured in Episode 6) interviewed me about the shamanic side of my life and work. We cover a lot of ground. I talk about my introduction to the shamanic path, shamanic healing, how my perspective on the nature of reality has evolved, and so much more….

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

What does it take to be successful? In this episode, I speak with my childhood friend, John Nave, who shares the story of how he stepped out of his comfort zone to become a successful tour manager for musicians like Pat Metheny, the Gipsy Kings, and Joe Strummer. But we begin our conversation with the otherworldly way in which John and I reconnected.

A Spectrum of Sanity: Exploring Our Fascination with Monsters

This was a fun conversation. In this episode my brother Tim joins me for a lively conversation about humanity’s attraction to creatures of the night and we explore what this attraction might say about our collective relationship with evil.

It's Like 20 Years of Therapy (The Ayahuasca Experience)

In this episode I speak with herbalist and health coach, Marie Frohlich, about her powerful Ayahuasca Ceremony experience in Peru.

Interview with Shamanic Teacher and Author Sandra Ingerman

Really enjoyed talking with world-renowned author and shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman about her 2 new books...and the challenging nature of life on planet earth.

Connie's Healing Journey

In this episode, Connie Andonian shares highlights from her 10-year healing journey where she confronts her life-long struggle with low self-esteem. Connie describes how she pulled herself out of a "dark night of the soul" experience to become grounded and self-assured.

The Same Pretty Cupcake, Just A Little Extra Frosting

Please enjoy my highly entertaining and inspiring conversation with the Wig Goddess, Clare McAfee.

Swimming in the Deep End with Nina

Fascinating conversation with Wake Up to Dying Project founder, Nina Thompson. An honest, practical, and sometimes surreal discussion about how exploring death can actually help us live life more fully.

People Are More Important Than Sleep

In this episode I speak with US Diplomat Rachel Cooke about her life in the foreign service and explore her experience working in Middle Eastern war zones.

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