Food Is Medicine with Nutritionist Lisa Masé

My guest Lisa Masé makes eating healthy seem not only attainable, but delicious. In this episode we cover a lot of ground, none of which involves dieting. Instead we explore some of Lisa’s deep knowledge of traditional nutritional philosophies and the importance of learning to eat intuitively.
Lisa Masé is a Board Certified Nutritionist, Registered Health Coach, herbalist, and intuitive eating guide in central Vermont and beyond. 

In this episode, Lisa discusses:
  • How we all have the power to heal ourselves with food
  • How she healed herself after a decade of chronic parasites, anxiety and depression, an eating disorder, infertility, and food allergies
  • Living in Italy as a child and the culture shock she experienced moving to the U.S. as a teen
  • Her time in Indonesia
  • Starting a textile export business in Bali to assist the indigenous community 
  • Her studies and exploration of the relationship between linguistics and food
  • Food and emotions
  • Food and heritage
  • Her philosophy regarding nutrition
  • Intuitive eating
  • The resiliency of a healthy digestive system
  • Sugar
  • How she works with clients
  • The value of doing a simple nutritional reset
  • Blue zones
  • Food and mental health
  • Orthorexia 

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Food Is Medicine with Nutritionist Lisa Masé
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