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An Everyday Cult with Author Gerette Buglion

Gerette Buglion shares the story of how her innocent quest for meaning was hijacked by a teacher who recognized her thirst for spiritual knowledge and personal growth only to later discover that her mind and psyche had been compromised by the disturbingly subtle techniques he used. Gerette’s unsettling account illustrates that cults are more widespread than you might think.

Finding My Voice in the Land of Crazy Horse with Author Kevin Hancock

In this episode my guest Kevin Hancock, an award winning author and the CEO of one of the oldest family businesses in the U.S., reflects on his recovery from a thought to be ‘incurable’ neurological voice disorder, as well as his time on the remote Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. He now is an advocate of strengthening the voices of all individuals—within a company or a community —through listening, empowering, and shared leadership.

Be Your Own Medical Intuitive with Author Tina Zion

My guest Tina Zion has devoted her life to teaching people from all walks of life that intuition is not a special gift enjoyed by only a select few, but that with practice anyone can learn to be intuitive. In this episode we talk about her latest book, Be Your Own Medical Intuitive, and the idea that we are much more than a physical body and a thinking mind. She shares how we can expand our psychic abilities to identify the core struggles leading to illness. 

Change Your Story with Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD

Carl Greer wants you to know that it’s never too late to change the course of your life. In his latest book, The Necktie and the Jaguar, and in this episode, he describes his midlife shift from living a safe life of conformity to one of psychological, spiritual and otherworldly exploration and growth.

Astrology & Magic Making with Linda River Valente

My guest Linda River Valente offers her clients a lifetime of collected, eclectic wisdom through her work as a seasoned astrologer, witch, tarot visionary, holistic sexuality educator and magic maker. In the first episode of season 4, I talk with Linda about her work making magic and helping others make sense of their lives through the lens of astrology.

Transcending Conditioned Consciousness with Gina Caputo

We humans sure are creatures of habit. And not surprisingly many of our habits don’t serve us. My guest Gina Caputo brings the practice and principles of yoga down to earth to help us get out of our own way. And she delivers it in a way that’s not not only practical and relatable, but really fun.

Recovery From Lyme Disease with Dan Kinderlehrer MD

Did you know that chronic Lyme disease is not officially recognized as an illness by the conventional medical community? Unfortunately the fallout from this oversight is that many suffering with persistent and devastating symptoms have slipped through the treatment cracks. My guest Dr Dan Kinderlehrer has dedicated his professional life to helping patients with chronic tick-borne illness get their lives back.

A Very Special Plant....with Project CBD co-founder Martin Lee

You know cannabis is finally getting the respect it deserves when Reader’s Digest releases a comprehensive book about the healing properties of CBD. In this episode I speak with Project CBD director Martin Lee about the research, controversy and healing properties of the amazing cannabis plant and Project CBD’s involvement with Reader’s Digest in creating the new book, The Essential Guide to CBD.

Karma and Stupid Stories with Astrologer Debra Silverman

I’ll wager that it’s impossible not to have a good time in the presence of my guest Debra Silverman. In this episode, she invites you to fall in love with who you are and she offers some simple suggestions to help you get there. Debra uses her background as a psychotherapist and astrologer to help folks identify and remedy imbalances they’re experiencing using the four elements.

Bringing the Hereafter to the Here-Now with author Jacob Cooper

When Jacob Cooper was three years old, he had a near death experience that left an indelible mark on his life. In this episode we discuss his new book, Life After Breath, and how coming to terms with his NDE shaped his view of what it means to be human.

The Power & Mystery of the Mind with Mitch Horowitz

Could it be that we actually have the ability to create the kinds experiences we desire in our lives? Author Mitch Horowitz suggests it is possible….but it’s complicated. In this thought provoking episode, we explore the possibilities that exist if we can get out of our own way.

Lymphatic Health (& Chickens) with Hannah Rohloff

What does the lymphatic system have to do with chickens? Absolutely nothing. But both topics represent two very different sides of my guest Hannah Rohloff. In this episode we discuss both Hannah’s work as a massage therapist specializing in Oncology Massage and Manual Lymph Drainage and her special relationship with likely the most loved chickens on the planet.

Embracing the Mystery with Jeff Spiess, MD

Dr Jeff Spiess is the perfect person to talk with about preparing for the end of life. He's cared for the seriously and terminally ill for over three decades, first as an oncologist, then as a hospice physician. But what’s more evident in this episode is that he truly cares. He wants all of us to know that learning how to die teaches us how to live.

Wolf Time with author Barbara Moritsch

What happens when a naturalist/ecologist learns how to connect with the dreaming of wolves? Barbara Moritsch shares how her personal shamanic practice led to the writing of Wolf Time, a book of fiction (wink, wink) that Jane Goodall hails as a “magical blend of fact and fantasy.”

Bringing Sound Healing Down to Earth with Eileen Day McKusick

Author Eileen McKusick takes us down the vibrational medicine rabbit hole. In this informative and cogent conversation, Eileen talks about the body's electromagnetic field and gives an overview of the Biofield Tuning technique she developed based on years of research and study.

Tapping Into the Body’s Wisdom with Dr. Christina Andrle

My guest Christina Andrle of the Vital Life Center in Vermont talks about her unique approach to healing which combines chiropractic care and acupuncture. She shares how she sees symptoms in the body as information revealing where energy is stagnant and the techniques she uses to gently invite the body to bring itself back into a state of harmony and flow.

Life Takes Courage with Author Barron Steffen

This episode is like two podcasts in one. In the first half my guest Barron Steffen talks about the gifts he received when tragedy unexpectedly struck and he received a phone call informing him that his wife had died in a car accident. In the second half of our conversation Barron talks about his passion for sharing simple techniques to help us become the gardeners of our minds through what he calls The Yoga of Mindset.

Chaos to Calm: The Stress Habit

Is your nervous system a little fried? Health coach and herbalist Marie Frohlich is back and in this episode we talk about stress - the ways it shows up, the insidious nature of it, and simple ways to reduce it….and maybe even make friends with it.

“The Story I’d Always Been Looking For”

Author Martha Hunt Handler has had a special connection with wolves since she was a child. In the first episode of Season 3 I talk with Martha about the tragic incident that inspired her to write her debut novel, Winter of the Wolf. We also talk about her ability to communicate with those who’ve died and how hearing the unlikely sound of wolves howling outside her house in New York enabled her to bring her life long passion for wolves full circle.

Transforming Fear into Action with author John Perkins

What a perfect time to be having a conversation with John Perkins. As this episode reveals, not only is his new book Touching the Jaguar timely, but he’s led a fascinating life that’s reminiscent of a Hollywood film filled with global intrigue and adventure. John’s perspective about perception and fear is powerful and accessible.

Natural Health Solutions with Quinn Caya

Quinn Caya truly is a jack-of-many-healing-trades. He’s passionate about bringing natural healing techniques and approaches to the people he works with so that they can take their health into their own hands. In this episode, Quinn shares how his unique upbringing influenced and inspired his desire to be in the healing profession and what his experiences have taught him about the importance of treating the “whole person.”

Life Is But A Dream: The Science of Coincidence with Bernard Beitman, MD

In this episode, author and psychiatrist Dr. Bernie Beitman (aka Dr Coincidence) discusses his research on coincidences - those unusual, attention-getting, seemingly meaningful experiences we all occasionally have - why they happen, what they might mean, and ways to increase the likelihood of having more of them.

Living An Honest Life: An Exploration of Ethics

In this special “quarantine edition” of Lucid Cafe (subtitled: “…so don’t be an asshole”), I have a particularly thought-provoking conversation with my husband John Halley. We discuss the ethics of honesty, the state of the world, the power of kindness, and the assumptions we can’t afford to make about consciousness. In this candid conversation, John opens up about how allowing himself to feel sad has been the key to living a happy life.

Exploring the Shared Death Experience (SDE) with author Sharon Prentice, PhD

In the throes of heartbreaking loss, my guest Sharon Prentice had a profound experience that transformed her. She refers to this expansive transpersonal encounter as a Shared Death Experience, or SDE, and in her book Becoming Starlight (and this episode) she shares the intimate details of her experience to help us understand that death is nothing to be afraid of.

“The World Is Ready and The Children Are Waiting!”

My guest Eva Goulette has created an amazing summer program for kids that combines ancient wisdom practices with modern holistic techniques. Dancing Jaguar’s Spirit Camp teaches children a wide variety of fun and engaging techniques, like shamanic journeying and how to work with energy, to help them take care of themselves and cope with life’s challenges.

DMT and the Nature of Spiritual Experience with Rick Strassman, MD

Can the prophets of the Old Testament serve as models for the DMT experience? This is what Dr Rick Strassman examines in this episode and in his book DMT and The Soul of Prophecy. This episode is also an exploration into what happens when a heathen podcast host has a conversation with a well-respected scholar and psychedelic researcher.

What's Your Truth?: Women in the Workplace

In this episode Career Coach Mayda Poc joins me for another honest, candid and thought-provoking conversation; this time focusing on how the workplace landscape is changing for women. We talk about our experiences working in male-dominated industries and share our thoughts on the challenges of learning to communicate and work together in a healthy way, and the possibility of moving away from gender stereotypes.

Herbal Medicine is the People's Medicine

Heidi Schmidt refers to herself as an “Herbal Librarian.” She has a wonderfully accessible and intuitive way of working with plant medicines. Heidi brings to our conversation a wealth of knowledge and wisdom born out of her extensive study and experience working with plant medicines over the last four decades.

Knowledge Is Power with Dr Suzy Harris

Dr. Suzy Harris is as passionate about wellness as she is about empowering her patients to make informed decisions about their health. Her chiropractic practice has broadened over the years to include a spectrum of modalities like applied kinesiology, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, and high tech stress assessment. In this episode, Suzy talks about her practice, philosophy, and what she’s learned about healing and wellness over the span of her career.

Are You Not Entertained?

My guest Susan Loynd describes herself as jaded, cynical and self-absorbed, and wants others to know that if someone like her can turn things around, then anyone can. Susan is a trip. And as you’ll find out in this episode, she was born to be in front of a microphone under a giant spotlight. She talks about her unlikely introduction to shamanic healing (with yours truly) and how this perspective helped get her through a very scary cancer diagnosis….with humor.

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