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Transforming Fear into Action with author John Perkins

What a perfect time to be having a conversation with John Perkins. As this episode reveals, not only is his new book Touching the Jaguar timely, but he’s led a fascinating life that’s reminiscent of a Hollywood film filled with global intrigue and adventure. John’s perspective about perception and fear is powerful and accessible.

Natural Health Solutions with Quinn Caya

Quinn Caya truly is a jack-of-many-healing-trades. He’s passionate about bringing natural healing techniques and approaches to the people he works with so that they can take their health into their own hands. In this episode, Quinn shares how his unique upbringing influenced and inspired his desire to be in the healing profession and what his experiences have taught him about the importance of treating the “whole person.”

Life Is But A Dream: The Science of Coincidence with Bernard Beitman, MD

In this episode, author and psychiatrist Dr. Bernie Beitman (aka Dr Coincidence) discusses his research on coincidences - those unusual, attention-getting, seemingly meaningful experiences we all occasionally have - why they happen, what they might mean, and ways to increase the likelihood of having more of them.

Living An Honest Life: An Exploration of Ethics

In this special “quarantine edition” of Lucid Cafe (subtitled: “…so don’t be an asshole”), I have a particularly thought-provoking conversation with my husband John Halley. We discuss the ethics of honesty, the state of the world, the power of kindness, and the assumptions we can’t afford to make about consciousness. In this candid conversation, John opens up about how allowing himself to feel sad has been the key to living a happy life.

Exploring the Shared Death Experience (SDE) with author Sharon Prentice, PhD

In the throes of heartbreaking loss, my guest Sharon Prentice had a profound experience that transformed her. She refers to this expansive transpersonal encounter as a Shared Death Experience, or SDE, and in her book Becoming Starlight (and this episode) she shares the intimate details of her experience to help us understand that death is nothing to be afraid of.

“The World Is Ready and The Children Are Waiting!”

My guest Eva Goulette has created an amazing summer program for kids that combines ancient wisdom practices with modern holistic techniques. Dancing Jaguar’s Spirit Camp teaches children a wide variety of fun and engaging techniques, like shamanic journeying and how to work with energy, to help them take care of themselves and cope with life’s challenges.

DMT and the Nature of Spiritual Experience with Rick Strassman, MD

Can the prophets of the Old Testament serve as models for the DMT experience? This is what Dr Rick Strassman examines in this episode and in his book DMT and The Soul of Prophecy. This episode is also an exploration into what happens when a heathen podcast host has a conversation with a well-respected scholar and psychedelic researcher.

What's Your Truth?: Women in the Workplace

In this episode Career Coach Mayda Poc joins me for another honest, candid and thought-provoking conversation; this time focusing on how the workplace landscape is changing for women. We talk about our experiences working in male-dominated industries and share our thoughts on the challenges of learning to communicate and work together in a healthy way, and the possibility of moving away from gender stereotypes.

Herbal Medicine is the People's Medicine

Heidi Schmidt refers to herself as an “Herbal Librarian.” She has a wonderfully accessible and intuitive way of working with plant medicines. Heidi brings to our conversation a wealth of knowledge and wisdom born out of her extensive study and experience working with plant medicines over the last four decades.

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