Write Now! with Author Meredith Heller

Meredith Heller invites us to write as a path toward self-understanding and as a lifelong refuge of unwavering friendship with yourself. Meredith used the power of writing to heal and save her own life and in her latest book Writing By Heart she encourages us to do the same. I can’t imagine how anyone reading her book or listening to this episode would not feel moved to pick up a pen and start writing. Her no frills, rule breaking and creative approach to writing makes a process that’s typically daunting super accessible.

Meredith is a poet, author, singer/songwriter, nature lover, and educator. Her passion is empowering women to believe in themselves, trust their creative instincts, cultivate their curiosity, tap their wild wisdom, speak their truth, and ignite their hearts.

In this episode, Meredith discusses:
  • How writing became a lifeline in her early life
  • Writing poetry as a way to heal and express yourself
  • Her use of the word “poetry” as an umbrella term
  • How to make writing a practice to learn, discover, and access authenticity
  • How her book is an invitation to explore
  • The way her relationship with her emotions developed and evolved because of writing
  • Living a “synchromystic” life
  • Getting to know your body through writing
  • The influence of shamanic practice
  • Experimenting with different means for getting the words out of you
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Write Now! with Author Meredith Heller
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