Bringing the Hereafter to the Here-Now with author Jacob Cooper

When Jacob Cooper was three years old, he had a near death experience that left an indelible mark on his life. In this episode we discuss his new book, Life After Breath, and how coming to terms with his NDE shaped his view of what it means to be human.

What happens when we die? No one knows for sure, but for people like Jacob Cooper who’ve had a near death experience and gotten a glimpse of another existence beyond the physical, they’re forever transformed. 

In this episode Jacob discusses:
  • His NDE and how he made sense of it
  • How the experience changed him spiritually
  • His experience of eternal love
  • What the other side was like
  • How revisiting a past life informed his current life
  • Suicide
  • Breaking free from internal imprisonment
  • Life’s purpose
  • How he deals with skepticism
  • Reincarnation 
  • Mindfulness movement
  • The growing acceptance of NDEs
  • Common changes experienced by near death experiencers
  • His motivation for sharing his experience
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