Astrology & Magic Making with Linda River Valente

My guest Linda River Valente offers her clients a lifetime of collected, eclectic wisdom through her work as a seasoned astrologer, witch, tarot visionary, holistic sexuality educator and magic maker. In the first episode of season 4, I talk with Linda about her work making magic and helping others make sense of their lives through the lens of astrology.
Linda must have to use very small type on her business card to capture all the skills she’s amassed over the years! 

In part one of my conversation with Linda we discuss:
  • How astrology and magic got her attention when she was a teen
  • Spellwork and practical magic
  • How American culture makes doing magic challenging
  • How she sees astrology as the symbolic language of time
  • How your astrological chart can help you understand the complexity of your life
  • What she would say to skeptics
  • The big picture of what the astrology is suggesting over the next couple of years (the rest of 2021-2023)
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Astrology & Magic Making with Linda River Valente
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