Elemental Magic with Author Taylor Ellwood

Taylor Ellwood has been practicing magic since he was a teenager. Over the years his practice has morphed into an amalgam of different traditions bolstered by a good dose of experimentation, an approach that has led to the creation of different magical systems. In this episode we talk about Elemental Magic and his latest book, Walking With Elemental Spirits: How to Work with Elemental Spirits and get Consistent Results.
Taylor Ellwood encourages people who are interested in practicing magic, as well as veteran practitioners, to break free from dogmatic approaches to practicing magic. Instead, as the manifesto on his website states, he encourages you to become a Magical Experimenter; to create your own magical systems, develop your own magical workings and challenge what’s known by venturing into the unknown.

In this episode, Taylor discusses:
  • The broad scope of the many books he’s authored, both fiction and non-fiction
  • His introduction to magic as a teenager
  • The dangers of getting caught in one way of thinking
  • How he relates to spirits
  • The importance of having direct experience
  • How working with magic has opened him up
  • Experiential embodiment
  • The gift of difficult experiences
  • The subtle nature of spiritual connection
  • His unique approach to Elemental Magic
  • Daemons and demons
  • How spirits mirror things back to us
  • The invitation to “work the book” rather than just read it
  • The importance of having discipline

Taylor’s fantasy and science fiction books: https://www.imagineyourreality.com/
Taylor’s YouTube channel/Magical Experiments podcast: https://www.youtube.com/c/taylorellwood

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Elemental Magic with Author Taylor Ellwood
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