An Everyday Cult with Author Gerette Buglion

Gerette Buglion shares the story of how her innocent quest for meaning was hijacked by a teacher who recognized her thirst for spiritual knowledge and personal growth only to later discover that her mind and psyche had been compromised by the disturbingly subtle techniques he used. Gerette’s unsettling account illustrates that cults are more widespread than you might think.
Gerette Buglion, B.A. Elementary Education and Special Education, earned her ‘Master's Degree’ in cult awareness education from the school of life. She is the author of the memoir An Everyday Cult.

In this episode, Gerette discusses:
  • Her definition of cultic involvement
  • How she became involved in a cult
  • The subtle nature of indoctrination
  • The concept of being “love bombed”
  • How seeds of dependence are planted
  • What unhealthy dependence can look like
  • What to pay attention to when working with a teacher, healer or person of authority
  • Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP)
  • The consequences of addressing your trauma history in a cult setting
  • Her exit from the cult
  • Power dynamics
  • Taking your life back
  • The mindset of cultic dependence
  • The international #igotout movement
  • Her work as a cult educator
  • How she uses writing to help cult survivors process their experiences
Gerette’s website:

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An Everyday Cult with Author Gerette Buglion
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