Sex, Eroticism & Pleasure with Linda River Valente

This episode is so not a replay of what you learned about sex in health class back in middle school. Linda River Valente is back on the podcast and this time she’s talking about things that make us blush, but shouldn’t. As a Holistic Sexuality Educator, Linda invites us to find a healthy, more comfortable relationship with our sexuality and sensuality.
My guest Linda River Valente offers her clients a lifetime of collected, eclectic wisdom through her work as a seasoned astrologer, witch, holistic sexuality educator, tarot visionary, magic maker, and Burlesque producer and performer. 

In this episode, Linda discusses:
  • What Holistic Sexuality Education is
  • Reasons why someone might seek out this service
  • Breaking the ice with clients
  • American culture’s twisted relationship with sex
  • Your erotic self
  • Staying warm to get hot
  • Pleasure
  • Devotional orgasm
  • Burlesque shows 
  • What it’s like to perform Burlesque
  • The diverse offerings on her Patreon 
  • The complexities of consent
  • Her take on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Sex, Love & goop Netflix series
(Episode Photo courtesy of Linda River Valente)

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Sex, Eroticism & Pleasure with Linda River Valente
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