A Very Special Plant....with Project CBD co-founder Martin Lee

You know cannabis is finally getting the respect it deserves when Reader’s Digest releases a comprehensive book about the healing properties of CBD. In this episode I speak with Project CBD director Martin Lee about the research, controversy and healing properties of the amazing cannabis plant and Project CBD’s involvement with Reader’s Digest in creating the new book, The Essential Guide to CBD.

Martin Lee is a veteran journalist and the co-founder/director of Project CBD - a California-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting and publicizing research into the medical uses of CBD and other components of the cannabis plant. 

In this episode Martin discusses:
  • The collaboration between Project CBD and Reader’s Digest
  • The pro-cannabis shift that’s happening
  • How CBD challenged the public’s view of cannabis
  • The rediscovery of CBD
  • Individual and social healing
  • How cannabis is a community-building botanical
  • The strangeness of the commercialization of CBD
  • Therapeutic nature of growing cannabis plants
  • Why CBD is so beneficial to the human body and health
  • The endogenous cannabinoid system
  • How THC and CBD are different
  • Full spectrum CBD oil
  • The downside of unregulated CBD production
  • Healer CBD and CBDA products
  • Terpenes
  • His background investigating CIA-funded LSD research
  • The common link between CBD and LSD
  • The startling discovery regarding neuroplasticity
  • Project CBD
Healer CBD products: https://healer.com/

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A Very Special Plant....with Project CBD co-founder Martin Lee
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