There’s Magic In Your Story with Dawn Torres

My guest Dawn Torres is a super versatile and long-time alternative healing practitioner and teacher. In this episode Dawn shares her perspective on healing, one that was born out of the various modalities she’s studied and practiced, as well as some of the personal experiences she’s had that inform how she approaches helping others.

Dawn Torres of Dakini Healing guides clients and students to wake up their deeply rooted inner guidance systems through Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Sound Healing and a multitude of transformation tools she’s gathered throughout the years. 

In this episode, Dawn discusses:
  • How she incorporates different traditions and modalities in the work she does
  • Why she’s drawn to the energy healing technique Emotion Code, especially for chronic concerns
  • How an Emotion Code session works
  • Her love for offering and facilitating retreats
  • The challenges of self-care for women
  • Tips for finding an online retreat
  • Her path to becoming an alternative healing practitioners
  • The prophetic dream she had about her mother
  • The pilgrimage she’s doing to honor her mom
  • The powerful vision she had during a meditation
  • The importance of play and being silly
  • How she’s developing her ability to communicate with the spirits of people who’ve died
  • Her book project
  • The pain of suffering in silence

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There’s Magic In Your Story with Dawn Torres
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