The Amazonian Angel Oracle with Howard G. Charing

Thanks to the pandemic, author Howard G Charing finally had the time to fulfill his dream of creating an oracle deck and guidebook inspired by the visionary art and shamanic wisdom of his long time friend and teacher Pablo Amaringo. In this episode Howard shares how this divination tool will help you connect with the shamanic spirits and angelic beings of the Amazon, as well as the visionary power of ayahuasca.
Howard G. Charing is the author of The Accidental Shaman, a book recounting his incredible introduction to shamanism as well as the co-author of Plant Spirit Shamanism and The Ayahuasca Visions of Pablo Amaringo. He holds workshops internationally and plant medicine retreats in the Peruvian Amazon. 

In this episode, Howard discusses:
  • His relationship with artist Pablo Amaringo
  • How the oracle deck came to be
  • The process of creating each card and its meaning
  • His introduction to shamanism
  • The Near Death Experience that changed his life
  • How he healed after the accident that led to his NDE
  • His first encounter with angelic beings
  • How forgiveness opened the door to healing
  • How his view of reality has changed as a result of his experiences
  • How he perceives non-ordinary reality
  • The power of thoughts
  • The difference between tarot and oracle cards
  • How to use the Amazonian Angel Oracle deck
Episode Image: "The Angel of the Feminine Mystery" - courtesy of Howard G. Charing

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The Amazonian Angel Oracle with Howard G. Charing
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