The Empath’s Journey with Author Signe Myers Hovem

Do you consider yourself highly sensitive? Empathic? An empath? In this episode author Signe Myers Hovem shares the differences she sees between these traits and explains that the goal is to understand your own unique sensory sensitivities and how you relate, interact, and perceive your environment.

In her book The Space In Between: An Empath’s Field Guide and in this conversation, Signe Myers Hovem shares the importance of developing the traits needed to better understand your own sensitivities and how doing so will influence your relationship with yourself, others, and your environment. 

In this episode, Signe discusses:
  • How she reverse-engineered empathic receptivity
  • Being empathic vs being an empath vs being highly sensitive
  • The power of words
  • The goal of being in relationship with the environment and your body
  • Being in the driver’s seat
  • The role of self-care
  • The importance of getting to know yourself
  • Active vs passive empathy
  • How she approaches energetic space clearing
  • Suggestions for developing empathic skills
  • Personal boundaries
  • “I am” statements for boundary building
  • Being a sponge and how to squeeze your sponge
  • The difference between a barrier and a boundary
  • The ethics of receiving intuitive information
  • The role of the heart and compassion
  • How to access meditations she created
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The Empath’s Journey with Author Signe Myers Hovem
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