Karma and Stupid Stories with Astrologer Debra Silverman

I’ll wager that it’s impossible not to have a good time in the presence of my guest Debra Silverman. In this episode, she invites you to fall in love with who you are and she offers some simple suggestions to help you get there. Debra uses her background as a psychotherapist and astrologer to help folks identify and remedy imbalances they’re experiencing using the four elements.
In her new book The Missing Element, Debra Silverman helps you “find a new way to understand yourself and others using the wisdom of the ancients and your natural ability for compassion.” 

In this episode Debra discusses:
  •  How she designed her book to “prevent boredom”
  •  Her recipe for using astrology and psychology to help people overcome limiting beliefs - Her wish to make weird normal
  •  The ways in which astrology serves as short-hand
  •  How we’re more than our thoughts
  •  Her passion for returning people back to the ancient system of astrology
  •  The importance of reconnecting with the Earth
  •  Karma
  •  The stupid stories we tell ourselves
  •  How to change your narrative
  •  Working with the elements in her own life
  •  How to use her book
  •  The nature of this particular time on Earth

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Karma and Stupid Stories with Astrologer Debra Silverman
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