Medicine & Miracles Among the Navajo People with Erica Elliott, MD

In this episode my guest Erica Elliott shares powerful stories from her time living with the Navajo as a teacher, sheepherder, and doctor. Her inspiring story, captured in her memoir Medicine & Miracles in the High Desert, reveals the transformative power of reaching out to others with joy, respect, and an open heart.
Erica M. Elliott, MD, is a medical doctor with a busy private practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Referred to as “the Health Detective,” she has successfully treated patients from across the country with difficult-to diagnose health conditions. She served in the Peace Corps in Ecuador and lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In this episode, Erica discusses:
  • Her search for her purpose and the surprising places her search led her
  • How she came to teach on the Navajo reservation
  • What living and teaching on the reservation was like
  • How she crossed the cultural divide and connected with her students
  • How her teaching approach became a pilot program for bilingual-bicultural education
  • Her summer as a sheepherder in the Arizona high desert
  • What her deep dive into Navajo culture taught her
  • How the experience changed her
  • Witnessing and experiencing miracles
  • Her encounter with a mountain lion
  • The prophecy she was given by a Navajo elder
  • How she approaches practicing medicine

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Medicine & Miracles Among the Navajo People with Erica Elliott, MD
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