Psychedelic Cannabis with Daniel McQueen

In this informative episode, professional psychedelic therapist and educator Daniel McQueen shares how to transform cannabis into a reliable and safe psychedelic medicine. He describes the hidden healing potential of cannabis blends to create experiences akin to psilocybin, MDMA, and even ayahuasca. 

Daniel is the author of Psychedelic Cannabis: Therapeutic Methods and Unique Blends to Treat Trauma and Transform Consciousness. In 2012, he co-founded the Center of Medicinal Mindfulness which is the first legal plant-based psychedelic therapy center in the United States. Daniel specializes in using Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy and Ketamine-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy as tools for transformation and healing. 

In this episode, Daniel discusses:
  • Cannabis classification
  • His early experiences using cannabis as a therapeutic tool
  • How cannabis can be surprisingly similar to other psychedelics
  • How users maintain a sense of agency during the experience
  • The benefits of staying in control during the experience
  • Being able to pause the psychedelic cannabis experience
  • The difference between being high and having a psychedelic experience
  • What the psychedelic cannabis experience is typically like
  • Why setting an intention is important
  • The holotropic principle
  • His experience as a guide
  • The typical length of a psychedelic cannabis experience
  • How to create the psychedelic experience using cannabis
  • Different cannabis strains
  • The guide’s role
  • The emotional, psychological and physical healing potential of psychedelic cannabis
  • How he and his team work with folks
  • Misconceptions about the healing ability of cannabis in the psychedelic therapy world
  • His MAPS training
  • How cannabis is neuroregenerative
  •  Is cannabis addictive?
  • The Psychedelic Sitters School
Medicinal Mindfulness website
Daniel’s book Psychedelic Cannabis 

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Psychedelic Cannabis with Daniel McQueen
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