Embracing the Mystery with Jeff Spiess, MD

Dr Jeff Spiess is the perfect person to talk with about preparing for the end of life. He's cared for the seriously and terminally ill for over three decades, first as an oncologist, then as a hospice physician. But what’s more evident in this episode is that he truly cares. He wants all of us to know that learning how to die teaches us how to live.
Research reveals that “the most common cause of death is being alive.” (I love that quote!)  In this episode I have a lovely conversation with Dr Jeff Spiess about his work as a hospice physician and his new book, Dying with Ease: A Compassionate Guide to Making Wiser End of Life Decisions.

In this episode, Jeff discusses:
  • How working with the terminally ill inspired him to write his new book
  • How dying conflicts with the American cultural worldview
  • Why it’s important to die well
  • The greatest gift you can give someone who’s dying
  • The role of willpower at the end of life
  • Psilocybin studies
  • Spirituality
  • Atheism
  • Assisted suicide
  • Practical tips to prepare for end of life
  • The importance of communication
  • Resources: 
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Embracing the Mystery with Jeff Spiess, MD
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