Wolf Time with author Barbara Moritsch

What happens when a naturalist/ecologist learns how to connect with the dreaming of wolves? Barbara Moritsch shares how her personal shamanic practice led to the writing of Wolf Time, a book of fiction (wink, wink) that Jane Goodall hails as a “magical blend of fact and fantasy.”
Wolves take center stage once again this season - as they should - (see episode 1 “The Story I’d Always Been Looking For” ) when I speak with author Barbara Moritsch about her new book Wolf Time. 

In this episode Barbara discusses:
  • What Wolf Time is about and the unusual way the story came to her
  • How she received an endorsement from Jane Goodall
  • The shamanic thread in the story
  • The role wolves play 
  • The unfortunate stigma attached to wolves
  • Wolf advocacy and her connection with wolves
  • Wildlife management
  • The future for wolves
  • Her introduction to shamanism
  • Meeting the lion Scarface
  • A story for the future
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Wolf Time with author Barbara Moritsch
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