“The Story I’d Always Been Looking For”

Author Martha Hunt Handler has had a special connection with wolves since she was a child. In the first episode of Season 3 I talk with Martha about the tragic incident that inspired her to write her debut novel, Winter of the Wolf. We also talk about her ability to communicate with those who’ve died and how hearing the unlikely sound of wolves howling outside her house in New York enabled her to bring her life long passion for wolves full circle.
Martha’s dedication to her passions is clear the moment she shares who long it took her to complete her first Young Adult novel, Winter of the Wolf, and how much of her life is revolves around making sure the endangered wolf population grows.

In this episode, Martha shares:
  • The tragic death that inspired her to write her Young Adult novel
  • The unusual process she went through to write the book
  • Her beliefs regarding death
  • Her ability to communicate with those who’ve died
  • What she’s learned about the soul’s journey
  • What Winter of the Wolf is about
  • Looking for signs after a loved one has died
  • The attitude towards death in American culture
  • Dangerous burial practices
  • The importance of girlfriends
  • Exploring father-daughter relationships
  • Her interest in Inuit and Native American cultures
  • Her wolf conservation work
  • Her amazing experience working with a shaman in Austria

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“The Story I’d Always Been Looking For”
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