“I'm Not Running Away From Anything Anymore.”

It wasn’t until my guest Mitch Pauley’s young wife Rae was diagnosed with breast cancer, and he became her caretaker, that he embarked on a healing journey of his own. In this powerfully honest episode Mitch shares how his past traumas came back to haunt him in the midst of his wife’s health crisis and the ways in which he pulled himself out of his own darkness to get to what he refers to as “the other side of the veil.” In sharing his story, Mitch wants others to know that there’s hope for anyone who feels stuck in trauma.

Mitch Pauley can pinpoint the moment he realized he needed support. In this episode Mitch talks about how his personal healing journey was sparked after his wife, Rae Carter, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rae was a guest on Lucid Cafe last season in the powerful episode titled, “I Didn’t Need to Lose My Boob.”  

Now, we hear from Mitch, who candidly shares:

  • The positive and challenging aspects of being a caregiver
  • The moment he realized he needed help of his own
  • The progression of his healing journey exploring: 
    • Talk therapy 
    • Having a gratitude practice 
    • Spirituality 
    • Shamanic Healing 
    • His challenging relationship with his father 
    • His trauma history 
    • Striving for forgiveness 
    • Vulnerability and shame 
  • The importance of finding a therapist you feel comfortable with
  • The impact his personal healing has had on his role as a special educator
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