Fostering Intimacy with Author Corey Lyon Folsom

Corey Lyon Folsom is the author of the book Soul Statements: A Love Coach’s Guide to Successful Communication. In this episode we talk about communication and intimacy, the nature of soul statements and his work as a love coach. Corey suggests that “the goal is not to ‘fix’ any given interaction. It’s about living in an alive, embodied present.”

After experiencing a spiritual soul-awakening, Corey was inspired to become a tantra teacher; and in 2012, he began his work as a relationship and intimacy coach. Corey helps people from all over the world remove blocks to love and increase the potency with which they show up for life.

In this episode Corey discusses:
  • His unlikely path to becoming a love coach
  • The “core” relationship
  • How he uses Tantric principles in his practice
  • Connecting with the “great silence”
  • Soul statements
  • Being your own best friend
  • The role of courage
  • “Awkward radar”
  • Communication and the highly sensitive person

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Fostering Intimacy with Author Corey Lyon Folsom
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