Fantasy Worlds with Author Daryl Gregory

Sci fi and fantasy author Daryl Gregory describes his books as “psychological realism in the face of surrealism.” He tackles topics that I find fascinating like the nature of consciousness, free will, paranormal abilities, and the power of belief, specifically of the religious variety. And then when I learned that he doesn’t really believe in the things that he writes about, I was intrigued and eager to have a conversation with him. Happy to report that he was up for it!

Daryl Gregory’s novels and short stories have been translated into a dozen languages and have won multiple awards, including the World Fantasy and Shirley Jackson awards, and have been nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, Edgar, Locus, Lambda, and Sturgeon awards. 

His latest books are the novel Revelator (Knopf) and the novella The Album of Dr. Moreau ( His eight other books include Spoonbenders, We Are All Completely Fine, Afterparty, the Crawford-Award-winning novel Pandemonium, and the collection Unpossible and Other Stories, a Publishers Weekly book of the year. 

He’s an executive producer and writer for several of his novels being adapted for television. He also teaches writing and is a regular instructor at the Viable Paradise Writing Workshop.

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Fantasy Worlds with Author Daryl Gregory
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