Healing Dreams with Edward Tick, PhD

In this episode we take a deep dive into the healing power of our dreams. My guest Edward Tick conducts original and groundbreaking healing work in the Ancient Greek tradition. In our conversation and in his latest book Soul Medicine: Healing Through Dreams, Oracles, Visions and Pilgrimage Edward breathes new life into these Ancient Greek healing practices. 

Edward Tick is a nonfiction writer and poet. He is a transformational healer, holistic psychotherapist, educator, consultant and international journey guide.
He’s been working to heal the invisible wounds of war and violent trauma for over forty years. He is honored for his groundbreaking work in the spiritual, holistic, and community-based healing of veterans and other survivors of severe violence who suffer Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and moral injury.

In this episode, Edward discusses:
  • How he was initiated into the world of dreams and visions at a young age
  • His work with Vietnam veterans
  • The importance of incorporating the arts and humanities into the field and practice of psychology
  • Studying the Ancient Greek warrior tradition
  • His call to be a war healer
  • The relationship those of us in the modern world currently have with our dreams and how we got there
  • The elimination of the concept of the soul from the field of psychology and the subsequent impact it’s had
  • The Ancient Greek concept of the soul
  • Moral injury
  • Cultural immersion for healing
  • Dream incubation
  • How he healing himself using dream incubation
  • Shamanic visions and dreaming on behalf of others
  • Dream interpretation
  • The language of symbolism
Edward’s websites:

The Energy Genesis light and sound healing chamber: https://www.lucidpathwellness.com/energy-medicine

The Magical Path Shamanic Workbook for Conscious Dreaming:
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Healing Dreams with Edward Tick, PhD
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