A Conversation with Psychic Medium Karen Docherty

In this episode Karen Docherty shares how she’s been connecting with the spirits of folks who’ve died for a long time to help grieving loved ones bring a sense of calm and clarity to their lives. We talk about her work and how she mentors others to develop their understanding of psychic connections, self development, spirit communication and the mechanics of mediumship itself.

Since the discovery of her abilities, Karen has worked tirelessly to bring the word of Spirit to those who need it most. From the UK to the USA, from Asia to Australia, clients from all over the world meet with Karen to receive readings, enroll in mentorships and hold a space for discussions on the power of Spirit. 

In this episode, Karen discusses:
  • What a psychic medium is
  • The way she works with clients
  • How her gifts showed up as a child
  • The experience of perceiving two different realities
  • How she perceives the spirits of people who’ve died
  • How we are all psychic
  • What gets in the way of accessing our psychic abilities
  • The impact having a reading with a medium can have
  • An example of a challenging reading
  • Her thoughts on difficult readings
  • The ethics of mediumship
  • Mediums on television
  • Teaching others to develop their psychic and/or mediumship abilities
  • The services she offers

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A Conversation with Psychic Medium Karen Docherty
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