The Power & Mystery of the Mind with Mitch Horowitz

Could it be that we actually have the ability to create the kinds experiences we desire in our lives? Author Mitch Horowitz suggests it is possible….but it’s complicated. In this thought provoking episode, we explore the possibilities that exist if we can get out of our own way.
 Mitch Horowitz is an author, lecturer, and historian of alternative spirituality who brings esoteric ideas and concepts firmly down to earth, where they belong. .

In this conversation Mitch discusses:
  •  His definition of the word "miracle"
  •  Power and ethics
  •  Power vs force
  •  Mental agency
  •  The complex nature of reality
  •  The concept of the mind
  •  The power of emotions
  •  What placebo studies suggest
  •  The 10-Day Miracle Challenge
  •  Selection vs manifestation 
  •  The nature of evil 
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The Power & Mystery of the Mind with Mitch Horowitz
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