Lymphatic Health (& Chickens) with Hannah Rohloff

What does the lymphatic system have to do with chickens? Absolutely nothing. But both topics represent two very different sides of my guest Hannah Rohloff. In this episode we discuss both Hannah’s work as a massage therapist specializing in Oncology Massage and Manual Lymph Drainage and her special relationship with likely the most loved chickens on the planet.
In this episode, Hannah Rohloff (self-described "lymph nerd") of Tessera Massage in central Vermont discusses the mysterious, complex and massively important lymphatic system.

Specifically, Hannah discusses:
  • The lymphatic system and Manual Lymph Drainage technique
  • Her work with cancer survivors
  • Symptoms of lymphatic system issues
  • The connection between the lymphatic system and immunity
  • Her clinical approach
  • What a Manual Lymph Drainage massage is like and the benefits
  • How compassion fatigue prompted a career change
  • Chickens!
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Lymphatic Health (& Chickens) with Hannah Rohloff
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