Bringing Sound Healing Down to Earth with Eileen Day McKusick

Author Eileen McKusick takes us down the vibrational medicine rabbit hole. In this informative and cogent conversation, Eileen talks about the body's electromagnetic field and gives an overview of the Biofield Tuning technique she developed based on years of research and study.
Eileen Day McKusick is a pioneering researcher, writer, inventor, practitioner, educator and speaker in the fields of therapeutic sound, the human biofield and electric health. She is the author of the bestselling book Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy and her new book, Electric Body, Electric Health, is being released Jan 26, 2021. 

In this episode, Eileen discusses:
  • Her introduction to sound healing
  • The principles behind Biofield Tuning
  • The body as an electrical system with an electromagnetic biofield
  • Health is a state of flow
  • The role of breath
  • Similarities between Biofield Tuning and acupuncture
  • Perceiving dissonance
  • The language of vibration
  • The noise of disorder
  • The map of the Biofield
  • Psychic abilities
  • States of plasma
  • Inner guidance
  • The voice and singing
  • Trauma that impacted her voice
  • Using the voice for healing
  • The importance of music and movement
  • Why raising your vibration is not the goal
  • How denial of emotions makes us sick
  • The unifying nature of music

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Bringing Sound Healing Down to Earth with Eileen Day McKusick
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