Tapping Into the Body’s Wisdom with Dr. Christina Andrle

My guest Christina Andrle of the Vital Life Center in Vermont talks about her unique approach to healing which combines chiropractic care and acupuncture. She shares how she sees symptoms in the body as information revealing where energy is stagnant and the techniques she uses to gently invite the body to bring itself back into a state of harmony and flow.

Christina Andrle’s comprehensive approach to healing marries Western and Eastern modalities. 

In this episode Christina discusses:
  • How the type of chiropractic treatment she practices is an amalgam of many techniques
  • The importance of a happy pelvis
  • Her assessment process
  • Kinesiology and muscle monitoring
  • Using the activator
  • Lower force adjustments and informational medicine
  • Body’s innate intelligence
  • Neurological reboot
  • Challenge of describing the techniques she uses
  • The importance of having a relationship with your body
  • The placebo effect
  • Benefits of combining chiropractic techniques and acupuncture
  • Customized care plans
  • Getting to the root of issues
  • Her background as a reiki practitioner
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Tapping Into the Body’s Wisdom with Dr. Christina Andrle
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