Life Takes Courage with Author Barron Steffen

This episode is like two podcasts in one. In the first half my guest Barron Steffen talks about the gifts he received when tragedy unexpectedly struck and he received a phone call informing him that his wife had died in a car accident. In the second half of our conversation Barron talks about his passion for sharing simple techniques to help us become the gardeners of our minds through what he calls The Yoga of Mindset.
Barron Steffen is a devout student and practitioner of Siddha Yoga. In his book The Final Gift of the Beloved and in this episode he candidly shares how his spiritual practice helped him move through his profound grief and find peace with the sudden death of his beloved wife Seana. 

A retired elementary school teacher, Barron now teaches adults and children how to use their thoughts so they’re not used by them through his company The Yoga of Mindset. 

In this episode, Barron discusses:
  • The gifts he received out of personal tragedy and loss
  • His commitment to telling the truth
  • The un-askable question
  • How following a spiritual path is designed to help us navigate life’s challenges and tragedies
  • The desire to understand why tragedy strikes
  • The significance of 13 days
  • The Yoga Of Mindset and the power of thought
  • The danger of believing our thoughts
  • Growth mindset vs Fixed mindset
  • The “delete” technique
  • Becoming the gardener of your mind
  • Getting thoughts “in the bud”
  • The willpower muscle

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Life Takes Courage with Author Barron Steffen
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