Chaos to Calm: The Stress Habit

Is your nervous system a little fried? Health coach and herbalist Marie Frohlich is back and in this episode we talk about stress - the ways it shows up, the insidious nature of it, and simple ways to reduce it….and maybe even make friends with it.
The focus of both Marie Frohlich’s and my work revolves around the reduction of stress.  So we put our heads together and share our perspectives. 

In this episode, we discuss:
  • Why it’s important to talk about stress
  • The habitual nature of stress
  • The importance of daily self care
  • The clues our bodies give us
  • Simple steps you can take to reduce stress
  • Breathing
  • Creating a personal protocol
  • The rationale behind eating seasonally
  • Vital minerals and supplements
  • Herbal teas that are great for reducing stress
  • CBD and CBDA
  • Weekly self-care day
  • Energy Genesis therapy
  • The challenge of meditating when you’re stressed
  • Examining your relationship with control
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Chaos to Calm: The Stress Habit
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