Herbal Medicine is the People's Medicine

Heidi Schmidt refers to herself as an “Herbal Librarian.” She has a wonderfully accessible and intuitive way of working with plant medicines. Heidi brings to our conversation a wealth of knowledge and wisdom born out of her extensive study and experience working with plant medicines over the last four decades.

My guest Heidi Schmidt of Vineyard Sound Herbs is like a Plant Medicine Fairy. She has such reverence for the Earth and her bounty that stepping into Heidi’s world can be a magical and nurturing experience. 

In this episode, Heidi shares:
  • Her path to becoming an herbalist
  • How nature offers accessible, inexpensive medicine
  • The birth of her herbal store in Martha’s Vineyard
  • How she studied phytotherapy in England
  • The importance of intuition when working with plants
  • Her individualistic approach to working with each of her clients 
  • The best way to work with herbs for them to be effective
  • An exercise to tune into the rhythms of nature
  • How healing with herbs is not a “one-size fits all” approach
  • The beauty of a simple approach when working with plant medicine
Contact Heidi Schmidt through her Vineyard Sound Herbs facebook page
Or via email thetinyteahouse@gmavt.net

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