Knowledge Is Power with Dr Suzy Harris

Dr. Suzy Harris is as passionate about wellness as she is about empowering her patients to make informed decisions about their health. Her chiropractic practice has broadened over the years to include a spectrum of modalities like applied kinesiology, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, and high tech stress assessment. In this episode, Suzy talks about her practice, philosophy, and what she’s learned about healing and wellness over the span of her career.

My guest Suzy Harris is a seasoned natural health physician and chiropractor…and then some. In this episode, there’s not much we don’t cover with respect to wellness:
  • Applied Kinesiology and how it works
  • Suzy’s dream of creating a multi-disciplinary community healing forum
  • What Suzy has learned about healing over the 20 years she’s been in practice and how her perspective has changed
  • Joe Dispenza’s work regarding how perceptions influence our health
  • Wendy shares the ancient Hawaiian wisdom describing the nature of the self: the soul cluster
  • Importance of encouraging people to investigate possibilities regarding their health for themselves
  • How much stress plays a role in wellness
  • The connection between the beliefs we have and our health
  • Harmonics and frequencies of cells - Energy Genesis light and sound healing chamber
  • Importance of sunlight
  • Blue zones on earth
  • Suffering vs enjoyment
  • Having a spiritual perspective to put suffering into perspective 
  • The perspective of the higher self
  • Wendy proposes the idea that the energetic realm is separate from the realm of consciousness
  • What unplugging from the stress of life does to the body
  • Important self care tips
  • Suzy shares her thoughts regarding why we may be seeing so much cancer
  • Value of having an accountability buddy or as Suzy puts it, an “accountabili-buddy” 
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