The Energy Genesis: Healing with Sound + Light Frequencies

“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.” - Albert Einstein; The future is here! Before recording this episode, I invited my friend Marie Frohlich in for a session in the Energy Genesis healing chamber. The Energy Genesis or EG (informally referred to as the “spaceship lounge”) is a non-invasive state-of-the-art vibrational medicine technology that creates an environment that’s optimal for self-healing.

Herbalist and health coach Marie Frohlich generously offered to come back on the podcast to help me talk about the Energy Genesis (or EG), the healing chamber I acquired 5 years ago and the catalyst for opening Lucid Path Wellness in Montpelier, Vermont. 

In this episode we discuss:
  • How I learned about this technology
  • My first mind-blowing experience 
  • The prevalence of stress in our culture and how the EG gives your nervous system a delicious reset
  • Marie’s experience in the EG: “A massage with sound and light”
  • How injuries and traumas get encoded 
  • And how the vibrations in the EG can reveal old injuries
  • The concept of “retracing” old injuries and bringing them gently into harmony
  • The recommended EG protocol of 3 sessions in 3 consecutive days
  • The releases that can happen
  • The challenge of putting the EG experience into words
  • Paradigm shift: Your Body Can Heal Itself
  • How the EG puts the body in self-healing mode
  • How each experience is unique
  • Common feedback users give
  • Chronic issues like Lyme disease 
  • Sessions process over time
  • How I choose music for each session
  • Effects of percussion on the body
  • Diagnosis not relevant when doing EG treatment
  • How sessions can deepen your meditation practice
  • Addressing claustrophobia
  • Data collected

To connect with Marie Frohlich, please visit her on the web:
Taproot Herbals

To connect with Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley and to learn more about Lucid Path Wellness, please visit her website

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