Iboga: The Visionary Root

My guest Levi Barker can speak to Iboga’s effectiveness. After ingesting a dose of the African psychedelic about 10 years ago, Levi said he no longer craved opiates. He went on to become an Iboga provider at a Costa Rican clinic where people from all over the world come to take part in traditional psycho-spiritual ceremonies that, for many, resolve the challenges that haunt their interior worlds.

This episode explores the African psychedelic plant medicine known as Iboga. My guest, Levi Barker is an Iboga provider at the Iboga Wellness Center in Costa Rica. He shares the following about this powerful medicine:
  • The Iboga experience
  • How an Iboga ceremony unfolds at the Iboga Wellness Center
  • How a broken wrist led to Levi’s 10 year struggle with opiate addiction...
  • And how he used Iboga unsupervised to get through the withdrawal experience
  • How Iboga works and how it’s different from other psychedelic plant medicines, like Ayahuasca
  • How Iboga is not just for treating addiction
  • Levi’s path to becoming an Iboga provider
  • How to prepare for an Iboga ceremony
To contact Levi or for more information about the Iboga Wellness Center, please visit https://ibogawellness.com/

To contact Lucid Cafe host, Wendy Halley, please visit https://www.lucidpathwellness.com/

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