Transforming Fear into Action with author John Perkins

What a perfect time to be having a conversation with John Perkins. As this episode reveals, not only is his new book Touching the Jaguar timely, but he’s led a fascinating life that’s reminiscent of a Hollywood film filled with global intrigue and adventure. John’s perspective about perception and fear is powerful and accessible.
Author John Perkins had a foot in two very different worlds: the world of high powered economics and the world of shamanism. Back in 2004, he released Confessions of an Economic Hitman, a book that pulled back the curtain on nefarious global economic practices and brought him a lot of attention. In his latest book, Touching the Jaguar: Transforming Fear Into Action to Change Our Lives and the World, John weaves both of these worlds together in a really powerful way.

In this episode John shares:
  • How a shaman in the Amazon saved his life 
  • How perception creates reality
  • His experience as an economic hit man
  • How shamanism is becoming more accepted
  • The crossover between his experience as an economist and shamanism
  • What led to his understanding of the role of deception 
  • His experience of denial
  • Colonial mind vs Indigenous mind
  • The gift of coronavirus
  • The importance of moving from a “death” to a “life” economy
  • What it means to “touch the jaguar”
  • Changing our perception
  • Steps anyone can take to touch the jaguar
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Transforming Fear into Action with author John Perkins
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