Natural Health Solutions with Quinn Caya

Quinn Caya truly is a jack-of-many-healing-trades. He’s passionate about bringing natural healing techniques and approaches to the people he works with so that they can take their health into their own hands. In this episode, Quinn shares how his unique upbringing influenced and inspired his desire to be in the healing profession and what his experiences have taught him about the importance of treating the “whole person.”

Quinn Caya combines a variety of Western and East Asian approaches and techniques at his central Vermont clinic, Clear Path. 
‘Our entire philosophy revolves around the understanding that natural medicine is powerful, and can restore total health.  We do not treat disease, we remove obstacles and treat the whole person. This creates change on all levels.’  – Quinn Caya, MSAOM., LAc., Dipl. OM.
In this episode, Quinn shares:
  • The mission that inspires his work in natural medicine
  • Acupuncture basics
  • The call that’s driven him since he was a child
  • His preference not to use labels to describe his work
  • The importance of treating the whole person
  • An example of how he works with patients
  • How Western medicine philosophy differs from Eastern traditions
  • The role of the nervous system in the healing process
To learn more about Quinn and his practice, please visit his website, Clear Path

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Natural Health Solutions with Quinn Caya
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