Exploring the Shared Death Experience (SDE) with author Sharon Prentice, PhD

In the throes of heartbreaking loss, my guest Sharon Prentice had a profound experience that transformed her. She refers to this expansive transpersonal encounter as a Shared Death Experience, or SDE, and in her book Becoming Starlight (and this episode) she shares the intimate details of her experience to help us understand that death is nothing to be afraid of.

Sharon Prentice found herself at the threshold of a very dark place when her newborn daughter died, and then she crossed that threshold when not long after her young husband fell ill with a mysterious illness he was unable to survive. Being in this dark place opened the door to an incredible experience. Similar to a Near Death Experience, Sharon had what she calls a Shared Death Experience. She wants all of us to make peace with death.

In this fascinating episode, Sharon shares:
  • The nature of a Shared Death Experience (SDE)
  • What happened during her SDE and how it changed her
  • What inspired her to write the book Becoming Starlight: A Shared Death Journey from Darkness to Light
  • Her spiritual transformation
  • How her SDE influenced her life’s work
  • The importance of talking about death
  • The beauty of accessing gratitude when grieving
  • How to avoid regret
  • The wisdom terminally ill children have access to
  • Why she doesn’t use the word “heaven”
  • Her views on hell and reincarnation
  • The myth of closure
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Exploring the Shared Death Experience (SDE) with author Sharon Prentice, PhD
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