“The World Is Ready and The Children Are Waiting!”

My guest Eva Goulette has created an amazing summer program for kids that combines ancient wisdom practices with modern holistic techniques. Dancing Jaguar’s Spirit Camp teaches children a wide variety of fun and engaging techniques, like shamanic journeying and how to work with energy, to help them take care of themselves and cope with life’s challenges.

There’s a good reason why the 5-day summer program Eva Goulette started in 2014 is taking off: Parents see lasting positive differences in their kids after they attend Spirit Camp. 

In this episode, Eva shares:
  • How Spirit Camp nurtures a child’s spirit and teaches them that they’re more than a body and a mind
  • The importance of forging a connection with the natural world
  • How the curriculum deepens a child’s self awareness in fun and playful ways
  • The importance of learning these skills early in a child’s development
  • The Spirit Tool Box kids take home with them that helps them cope with life’s challenges at any time 
  • The Chaos to Calm exercise as well as other skills children learn
  • That she created 45 minute modules that can be easily translated for use in public and private schools
  • The importance of addressing your “inner critic” at a young age
  • How she’s developing a Spirit Camp for adults and teens
  • The new teacher training program that’s available to meet the growing needs of the program
  • How a life changing health event led to the origination of Spirit Camp
To learn more about Dancing Jaguar’s Spirit Camp and teacher training, please visit Eva’s website

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“The World Is Ready and The Children Are Waiting!”
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