Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

What does it take to be successful? In this episode, I speak with my childhood friend, John Nave, who shares the story of how he stepped out of his comfort zone to become a successful tour manager for musicians like Pat Metheny, the Gipsy Kings, and Joe Strummer. But we begin our conversation with the otherworldly way in which John and I reconnected.

Not every episode has a theme, but this one does. The theme of this episode seems to be “life’s too short” – to not do what you love.  

My guest John Nave talks about how his love of music helped him push past his fear of failure to pursue his dream of going on the road and working behind the scenes with some pretty big-name musicians. John has a deep appreciation for the people he’s met along the way who’ve helped him, and he seems to be paying that philosophy forward by mentoring others and sharing what he’s learned. 

We discuss John’s exotic rock star lifestyle, spirituality, intention, risk-taking, legacy, and the unusual way his older brother Tom reunited two old friends.   

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Click here to view Tom’s memorial video.

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