A Spectrum of Sanity: Exploring Our Fascination with Monsters

This was a fun conversation. In this episode my brother Tim joins me for a lively conversation about humanity’s attraction to creatures of the night and we explore what this attraction might say about our collective relationship with evil.

Tim Stofan is not only my favorite (and only) brother, but he’s also a walking film and television encyclopedia. We take a walk down memory lane and discuss our early introduction to horror films, a Halloween costume mishap (my fault), as well as our favorite monsters. 

We try to answer the question: Why do we like to be scared?

We examine the archetype of the vampire and how it has evolved over the last 100 years and we look at the circumstances that may have led to the creation of some vampire folklore. 

Tim shares his theory about the evolution of horror films and touches on the social commentary contained in filmmaker George Romero’s zombie films and the political messages contained in early Godzilla movies.  

And it wouldn’t be a conversation about evil if we didn’t talk about psychopathy! We explore why serial killers are so mesmerizing. 

Tim Stofan is the cohost of the fun and informative podcast Transmissions from the Forbidden Planet (Launching later in 2019). Tim and his buddy Derrick take a deep dive into the film and television archives and explore their favorite genres. Visit them on facebook and Instagram @TransmissionsPOD 

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