Live Life On Purpose: Exploring Hand Analysis with Kim Fuller, PT

If the eyes are the window to the soul then your hands are the handbook. My guest Kim Fuller is a physical therapist who ended up studying hand print analysis after suffering a work-related injury. She now interprets the rich language of your hands for people who are interested in learning more about their life purpose, life lessons, communication style, gifts and challenges.

In the final episode of Lucid Cafe’s first season…
Wendy's guest Kim Fuller wants to take the stigma away from reading hands. In this episode Kim talks about how your hands reveal rich, affirming information about you that’s surprisingly accurate. 

Kim shares:
  • How hand analysis is not prophetic, but more of a unique portrait of a person 
  • And reveals life purpose and life lessons
  • How this practice is based on reproducible data
  • How helpful it is to learn your communication style
  • How your fingerprints disclose your Life School
  • Examples of interesting readings she's done
  • How hand prints can change over time and reveal important information about you
  • Why people might seek out a hand analysis reading (e.g., life transitions, stuck in a pattern, curiosity….)
To contact Kim Fuller, please visit her website

Lucid Cafe host Wendy Halley will be back in September 2019 with Season 2! 
In the meantime, check out the irreverent and frequently inappropriate satirical advice podcast Wendy cohosts with her friend Claire: Inside the Box with Claire and Wendy

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