The Reluctant Yogi

My guest Teri O’Connor never would have guessed that she would leave her job as a dental hygienist to become a personal trainer and yoga teacher. In this episode, Teri shares her unexpected journey to becoming a yoga teacher and starting her highly successful travelling yoga studio, NJ Beach Yoga. Teri makes yoga accessible and fun and loves to introduce the practice to reluctant yogis, just like she once was.

Teri O’Connor had no interest in athletics as a kid and for most of her adult life, but after inadvertently coming down with what she refers to as “adult onset athleticism” she went on to create a yoga empire (my words, not hers!) in southern New Jersey. 

Teri talks about how yoga helped her become more focused and aware of her body, and how she’s grown as a result of having a regular practice. 

And she shares the wisdom she’s learned along the way including:
  • the importance of being authentic
  • how we store our “shoulds” in our shoulders 
  • how yoga can help manage external distractions like cell phones
  • using yoga as an ergonomic treatment  
Connect with Teri on Facebook, Instagram (@NJBeachYoga) or her website NJ Beach Yoga 

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